Wednesday, April 28, 2010


The piano faculty provides extensive lessons in practical and theory. The faculty consists of -
Mrs Nandini Som, LRSM
Mrs Chaitali Ganguly
Ms Sharmistha Shome
Mr Avijit Kundu
Mrs Arpita Chatterjee
Mrs Shashi Puri
Mrs Sandhya Verma
Mrs Anita Hazra
Mrs Mousoomi Nandi
Mr Ranjit Mitra
Mr Saibal Sen
Mr Surendranath Majumdar


The Guitar section covers both classical and modern. The faculty consists of -
Mr Cyrus Tata
Mr Biplaw Singh
Mr Chris Bismarck
Mr Rajkumar Sengupta
Mr Shyamal K De
Mr Ranjan Sharma
Mr Samir Sarma

Lyrical Ballet

The Lyrical Ballet (Ballroom) department is headed by noted ballet & ballroom dancer and mimic Mr. Suman Mukherjee. His musical "Ballet Meets Mime has benn known to create records in India. The lessons include pre-ballet for kids within the age group of 3 to 7 and lyrical ballet for the students above 14 years of age.

Jazz Ballet

The Jazz Ballet section is headed by noted Dance Ethnologist Mrs Ranjita Karlekar, MA (UCLA) and provides lessons in Jazz & Ballet for the students within age-group 8 to 13 & 14.